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Budget-centric travel planning app that lets you get the most trip for your money.

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- I love travel and I love planning trips. The problem is - most travel apps don’t work the way my brain works. When I plan a trip, I have a set budget - money I’ve been saving specifically for that trip, and I like to figure out just How Much Trip I can afford with the amount I’ve set aside. The typical travel planning app or website assumes you have an open-ended budget, and you can get into trouble trying to keep expenses under control.
- HowMuchTrip helps you plan the best possible trip for your budget. Enter your budget amount, where you want to go and for how long, and then adjust your hotel, transportation and daily expenses so that you can get the most bang for your buck. If you want to max out on good food while you’re there and are willing to stay at a less expensive hotel, then spin the numbers that way. Want to stay at a luxury resort and forgo costly museum trips, but would like to do some hiking? Adjust the numbers so that you can get the best trip for YOU, for YOUR budget. Find out just HowMuchTrip you can get.
- HowMuchTrip was built in Swift, using a tabbed layout format. We utilized Parse heavily - remote storage and local datastore, as well as user authentication by email, Twitter and Facebook. Google APIs were used for user location detection, Places autocomplete and real-time flight cost searching via QPX Express. We utilized’s Crashlytics and Beta for better crash reporting and user testing. Multiple storyboards allowed us to work on different views, and avoid excess merge conflicts on Github.


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